January 23, 2012

Handmade Amazon Kindle covers

Recently I bought my first Amazon kindle e-reader and found myself really obsessed with reading. Some people prefer paper books as nothing can substitute the feeling when you are reading a real book with its special smell of paper. With the kindle I like the idea of being able to download books and keep them in one place without cluttering my bedroom.  Besides it is small, fits into a handbag and I can take it everywhere. I think it's a great gadget especially when you have to travel a lot.

My second purchase had to be a nice cover or a sleeve for my kindle. I did a search online and got some covers that looked quite nice but I wanted my cover to be different those on the market.

And I made it myself. Really like knitted bold cable patterns so my first cover was made in one of those patterns - so called bold French braid. This cover snugly fits the Amazon Kindle 3/3G and Amazon Kindle Fire e-readers.


For your project you need wool, hardcover and felt or fabric for lining, button and elastic to make a closure. Alternatively you can knit or crochet a closure. I have used the same pattern for different type of wool with lurex which adds some sparkle to the cover


My favourite cover though is in a mixture of autumn shades with a coconut button.


Floral design is always a hit!




There's also something for cat lovers.



Heldasland said...

I love your kindle covers.I love my kindle and never leave home without it

خياطة وتفصيل said...

thank you so much :)

Paloma Casteleiro said...

could you maybe post the pattern to this?

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