May 23, 2010

Feather earrings

Feathers are very popular in crafts. In any craft store you can find packets of different types of feathers - marabou, duck, goose, peacock. I like all of them as they are all different and bring their own attractiveness to the craft project.
Recently I've started making earrings from feathers. Pheasant feathers seem to be less popular than colourful  peacock or fluffy marabou. But it all depends on your creativity and the additional materials you are using in your project.

My pheasant feathers earrings are embellished with beads.

I have to say if you start something new it's getting quite addictive. So after pheasant feathers I'm going to open my packets with marabou and peacock feathers.


SocksAndMittens said...

It is very pretty, Irene, you are so talented!

Roos said...

Hi there Irene, please take a look at my blog, there's a suprise for you won the GiveAway, please mail me your adress, so I can send it to you, bye Roos

Roos said...

Irene you forgot to leave your adress, please go to my blog, my profile, there you see contact mail. Thanks

SFbeads said...

OMG!I like them all

crealientje said...

Oh, what a beautiful things do you make!

Flowersbyirene said...

Thank you!

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