May 19, 2010

Have you heard about Leeds Kirkgate Market?

Leeds Kirkgate Market is a market in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK. With over 600 stalls this is Europe's largest covered market. It attracts around 250,000 visitors every week.
It first opened in 1822.
It was a founding location of Marks & Spencer. Michael Marks opened his "Penny Bazaar" in the open air market here in 1884.
Since then the market has been refurbished and here is how it looks like nowadays.

Since last year it has been hosting 'How Bizaar', a big market stall, providing an opportunity for starters of new businesses to display and sell their products. Starting a new business can be risky but now having an opportunity to test demand and get market feedback before fully launching their product, service and idea, is less stressful.
'How Bizaar' provides a low risk trading opportunity for a wide range of businesses e.g. arts, crafts, clothing, food, electrical goods, toys.

You ask me why I'm giving you all this information? Because since April my crochet embellishments and jewellery are displayed in Leeds Kirkgate Market! I'm having my own display space. It's quite big but it's never enough when you start arranging it. Since it's YOUR space you can do there what you want.
This week my space is arranged this way.

I have wonderful neighbours who are displaying and selling their gorgeous products - handmade cards, clothing, bags, unusual jewellery, items of home decor. They all are of high quality and are very popular among visitors of the stall.

So please do come in to check our handmade products!


SocksAndMittens said...

Congratulations, Irina! What a great place to display your work! Wonderful display, love your work!

Flowersbyirene said...

Thank you! I'm having fun!

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