May 14, 2010

Playing with felt

I'm still trying something new. This time new type of flowers using dry felting technique. I used the same dyed in beautiful colours wool fleece as I used for my wet felt flowers. What I like in felting is that you are in total control of what you are doing and actually nothing can go wrong. The only thing is barbed needle that is used to make a dry felt. Having small experience you better be careful while punching the fleece otherwise you will stab your fingers. Yes, it hurts :(
So first I made a flower.

It is quite nice on its own and can be used as a brooch pin or a corsage flower. But I decided to use mixed media - crochet balls, rings, wooden beads - and make a necklace.

So here it is!


Crafty Witch said...

They are sweet! I love the colours on the necklace. What did you use for filling on the balls?

Flowersbyirene said...

Hi! Thank you.
Usually I use cotton and wooden beads.

gwengoods said...

It is wonderful!

Roos said...

Hi there, im so glad I came by on your blog....I really love the things you make.
I also love to crochet small flowers just like you. But yours are so pretty. I became a follower off your blog, so I won't miss a thing off all the lovely things your making, till next time, Roos

Flowersbyirene said...

Thank you Roos!
I've checked your blog and like current give-away idea. Will be following you.

Michele said...

do you have the pattern for the balls? A friend of mine wants me to make one for her puppy to play with.

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